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HR Staffing Solution

We provide the most extensive HR Staffing Solutions covering every single aspect of it. Our services are aimed are reducing the capital client has to spend on his staffing requirements without compromising the productivity. Our services come in the form of advice and development of the available manpower to elevate their performance and to bring out the maximum efficiency. The HR policies that we cover include attendance, holidays, leaves, harassment at work, staff development, etc.

  • Manpower outsourcing hag grown from normal managed services capability and has become a capitalized field, where the company has been able to carve a niche. We take a conclusive approach by disbudding business and output requirements with our clients. And appalling our best practices.
  • The primary aim of manpower outsourcings is to reduce the clients cost by :
    • Improving productivity levels
    • Designing efficient business processes and
    • Rationalizing supply chain.
  • According to client’s needs, our people, experience and technical infrastructure can turn the burden of management product and workforce into a long – term business benefit for an organization.
  • We offer client the opportunity to out source to a company with unequalled experience and skills in every field connected with the world of work. They benefit from flexible workforce that works seamlessly within the client’s organization resulting in reduced employer risks and more time to concentrate on one’s core business.
  • It helps in you controlling cost and increasing flexibility; these approaches reduce employer’s liability. The results of our consultancy skills and solutions is in the form of advice and solution is in the form of advice and development of required manpower –skilled and / or unskilled that will improve efficiency and productivity. We help our clients convert high level strategies into operational people-management plans and execute them on an on going basis.
  • Some of the manpower requirement by corporate/business houses and even diplomatic mission may be from field like – front office/ receptionists / controller; secretaries; computer operators; office assistant / account – finance personnel; chauffeurs; dispatch rider; cook; steward; valet, etc.


H R Policy :

  • Attendances.

  • Religious Holiday.

  • Leaves of Absence.

  • Family & illness Leave.

  • Classification of Job.

  • Personnel Record Policy.

  • Harassment free Work Place.

  • Hours of Work.

  • Staff Development.

  • Discipline of Staff.

  • Work Schedules.

  • Staff Training Development.

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