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Housekeeping Services

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We have an outstanding reputation for providing the best HouseKeeping Services by using state of the art cleaning equipment and technology. Our services include cleaning of the entire premises like office, pantry, lawn, toilets etc. and maintain them. We also ensure that our staffs use a complete MIS reporting system for optimum performance. Fire protection system and pest management are also integral parts of our services.


 Details :

  • Related Services : Building maintenance-workers for covering such as: Masonry, Carpentry, plumbing and Electrical etc.
  • Related services : Fire protection System, pest Control-Effective and Gardening / Horticulture.
  • House Keeping :
    • Consistent & quality oriented services.
    • Use of state of the art cleaning equipment & technology.
    • Specialized cleaning
    • Cleaning & maintenance of external fencing, gates & boundaries.
    • Complete MIS reporting system
    • Operations & management schedules
    • Supply of material & consumables
    • Supply in equipment & machinery
    • In house training
    • Cleaning and upkeep of entire premises including offices, toilets, pantry, dining room, utility room, cabins, locker, area, compound.
    • Parking areas externals, corridors, and common areas.
    • Segregation of garbage and proper disposal
    • Toilet cleaning and maintenance
    • Window and external glazing cleaning
    • Cleaning of all signage.
    • Cleaning, shampooing of carpets and upholstery
    • Landscaping and gardening.
    • Provision of machinery, equipment and consumables.
  • Just to Illustrate, as to how the Company takes care of the services provided so that, “Neither Quality is Compromises nor Cost effectiveness is ignored “, the example of Cleaning Services is given below :
    • The company has own its rolls specialist and trained manpower in cleaning and maintenance and supports the on site manager to improve the Performance of work through choosing new cleaning agent required to meet challenges of new future, floor, wall covering and ceramics.
    • It has a most up – to date work process and has a commitment to innovation in housekeeping management, the facilities served: meet their basic objective “maintaining a safe and clean environment”.
    • Although the proposal always carries details of men, materials, equipment, it would like to reiterate that its cleaning philosophy is to identify the tasks, detail trained man to perform them, improve their productivity by providing equipment and user friendly materials and supervise them. In the other words, what is offer you is a contract within board paradigm of cleaning engineering.
    • Like wise in every area also, It is always ensured thatA.K. Management Serviceskeeps its commitment of being a service provider with total quality services like as follows

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